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La Habra Heights garage doors & openers work on simple mechanics, but not all homeowners have the experience, knowledge and tools to fix or install one. Garage doors in residential buildings consist of separate panels placed on top of other panels. Two torsion springs can be found above these sectional doors. The torsion springs are usually coiled around a horizontal bar attached to the header. The springs serve as a counter balance to the door’s weight. Without the torsion springs, the garage door opener or the homeowner would not be able to lift the door. There may also be extension springs near the horizontal door tracks.

Proper Maintenance of Garage Doors & Openers

If you are having problems with the garage door, you may want to test the torsion springs. Pull on the emergency or manual release handle to unlock the door opener.The door should be completely closed or open when you’re doing this. Once you’ve unlocked the door opener, move the garage door until the bottom edge is around chest level. The door should keep its position without moving down or up on its own. If the door closes on its own, it means that you need to adjust the torsion springs.

Since the torsion springs are under immense pressure, adjusting it on your own can be extremely dangerous. Don’t try to adjust the springs by yourself especially if you don’t have any idea about the job. If the door opener starts to sound strained while in use or is not able to lift the garage door, you should call a professional installer to adjust the torsion springs.

If the torsion springs are noisy during operation, you can lightly oil them. This is a safe job for homeowners. Doing so would also protect the springs from moisture as well as reduce friction, saving the component from further wear and tear. If you have a traditional chain drive garage door opener, you can just oil the chain. You can oil the rollers attached garage door, track and hinges as well.

Lubricate moving components at the contact points using graphite or household oil. You should not use grease as it messy and sticky. Some rollers are self-lubricating and don’t need maintenance. If you need to replace the roller, you should call a professional garage door installer to do it for you. You can also bring the roller when you visit a home improvement store to get the right size and match.

With proper maintenance, La Habra Heights garage doors & openers can last for many years. Maintenance should be performed regularly. If your garage doors and openers suddenly malfunction or stop working completely, it is best that you call a professional right away. They will arrive at your location with all the tools required for the job. They will inspect the garage door and opener and recommend the best course of action to solve the problem. Calling a professional to help and paying for their service is better than putting your safety at risk.

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